Rabu, 04 November 2015

Menekankan Suatu Kata Galau Yang Membuat Menangis

Menekankan Suatu Kata Galau Yang Membuat Menangis - There are two understandings of organic farming, namely in the narrow sense and in a broad sense. Organic farming in the narrow sense, namely agriculture that is free from material - chemicals. Start of treatment to get seeds, fertilizers, pest and disease control through post-harvest treatment does not sedikiti.

also involve chemical, biological material all must, naturally. While organic agriculture in the broadest sense, is the agricultural production systems that rely on natural ingredients and avoid or limit the use of synthetic chemicals (chemical fertilizer / plant, pesticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and additives.

feed). With the aim to provide the product - agricultural products (especially food) that is safe for the health of producers and consumers as well as maintaining the environmental balance by keeping the natural cycle.

The initial concept of organic farming is ideal to use all input coming from the organic farm itself, and maintained only a minimal input from the outside or severely restricted. (FG Winarno 2002)

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