Rabu, 04 November 2015

Perkembangan Cerpen Cinta Terbaru

Perkembangan Global Pantun Gombal Terbaru - Sheep. This type of sheep is a triangular cross pollination of local sheep, merino sheep and lamb from South Africa. Berpostur sheep produce dashing. Strapping chest swelled with large circular horns to protect his head. Sheep cultivated as sheep complaint.

Merino sheep. The lamb comes from Spain. Male body weight can reach 70 kg, 40 kg female. Her body was covered in a thick wool. Ram has a circular long horns. Sheep can be reared in two ways, namely shepherd systems and   enclosure systems. How to sheep with a shepherd system suitable only done in large tracts of land are still many forage. Today more rarely venture sheep grazing systems because it is less efficient.

Texel sheep. Imported from the Netherlands, has been developed in the mountainous region Wonosobo, Central Java. The characteristics of texel sheep are fine curly fur thick white, color and black nails nose, small ears leads to the side, body weight can reach 130 kg.

Sheep Batur. There was also the result of crosses between sheep tapos. Many cultivated in the Batur, Banjarnegara, Central Java Characteristics thick fur,  feathers bisal produce 1 kg / head, weight ranges from 80-150 kg. Type sheep cruciferous / import is usually only suitable in areas where the air is cool with an average temperature below 18oC.

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