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Telatin Dalam Mengatakan Kata Kata Cinta Unik

Telatin Dalam Mengatakan Kata Kata Cinta Unik - In 1948, the invention of the transistor greatly influenced the development of computers. The transistor replaced the vacuum tube in televisions, radios, and computers. As a result, the size of the electrical machines is reduced drastically. The transistor used in computers began in 1956. Another is the development of magnetic-core memory to help the development of second generation computers smaller, faster, more reliable, and more energy efficient than their predecessors.

The first machine that utilizes this new technology is a supercomputer. IBM makes supercomputer named Stretch, and Sprery-Rand makes a computer named LARC. These computers, which were developed for atomic energy laboratories, could handle large amounts of data. The machines are very expensive and tend to be too complex for business computing needs, thereby limiting.

There are only two LARC has ever installed and used: one at the Lawrence Radiation Labs in Livermore, California, and the other in the US Navy Research and Development Center in Washington DC The second-generation computers replaced the machine language with assembly language.

Assembly language is a language that uses abbreviations to replace the binary code. In the early 1960s, began to appear successful second generation computers in business, in universities and in government The second generation of computers is fully computer using transistor. They also have components that can be associated with the computer at this time: a printer, storage, disk, memory, operating system, and programs

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