Senin, 19 Oktober 2015

Is The best Puisi Cinta Most Beautiful

It does not seem to be inexhaustible said if we talk about love, because love is the most natural thing encountered in human life. Humans as social beings would be required to interact with fellow beings, not infrequently these interactions give rise to special feelings, such as love. And those who are feeling the love must be willing to express his love, either directly or indirectly. There are different ways to express the feelings that we have, one of them is to use love poems. Love poems often become a new alternative. This is of course because poetry is not new and most people like it, especially if the theme used is love.

Besides being more authentic, love poems which are used to express the feelings of the man also feels more touching, and certainly more profound impression. But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the ability in the field of literature, most of them retell the poems of others, although it is somewhat not easy because of the limited media publishing love poems. For this reason, below we have put together a variety of love poems from various sources khusu to you all, enjoy Love is something essential, it seems impossible that there are people who have never felt the love. But of course it must be addressed wisely, express love in a way that is good and also live it in ways that either. May the love poems of the above could be a reference for you to explore literature and do not forget what you have read hopefully useful.

Mu wings dancing in the air between the two sides Glowing dim siulet I blushed a dent smile captivates You are good at my word I too often caught up in your charming song innate dancing from dusk handsome dent Until simburatnya switch dim When did you start running like Proudhon infantile in rangkulanku I always terpengaru your nature plain nan graceful Did not you like the white dove told me Merpati white dancing on the end of twilight fused with the wind sembai sloping Until orange siulet thinning among tiny lips without the owner May I come to be part of the song you, O idol of the heart I captured hum mu, is the love you all the time